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Multiple AI Tools, ONE Subscription

Use GPT-4o chatbot, Stable Diffusion to make images, ElevenLabs to generate speech, and more, all in one place with ARES.

Make lists of your favorite AI tools and save them for later on the Almanac.


Curated by MIT experts, Handpicked for you.

Foster a competitive edge by integrating next-gen AI technologies into your workflow with the Almanac

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One Account,
Access Multiple AI Tools

ARES Beta is now LIVE!
Powered by OpenAI, Stable Diffusion, Elevenlabs, and Wolfram Alpha, With More Coming Soon!

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What Our Users Say

Coya says:

ARES Almanac is amazing! I didn't know 90% of those tools!!! I referred 3 of my friends and they loved it! Keep up the good work!

Daniela A. says:

Didn't know there were so many tools out there that I'm missing out on. I have an InteList for each of my task and I come back every day!

RCN says:

Im a Stem teacher and this would be a great resource to help me engage more students!

Noulikk says:

I always looked the topic of AI and struggled at finding ressources and this is really going to help me!

YZN says:

I work for one of the world's largest MNC's in the CX field and I'm constantly asked “what's new with Gen AI” every breathing moment by clients. This could really help me.

Save Your Time

No more site-hopping to use different AI tools. Access them all on ARES

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Save Your Money
Why pay for multiple subscriptions? ARES gives you all the best in class AI tools you need in one cost-effective package.

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Save Your Favorites

Say goodbye to forgetting or losing track of your preferred AI solutions with the Almanac

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Make Your Own InteLists
Curate and share your own intelists, showcasing your expertise and preferred AI toolsets on the Almanac

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Discover content and recommendations that evolve with you, ensuring your AI toolset is always cutting-edge and relevant.

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Share your insights and experiences to guide fellow AI enthusiasts

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Discover Your Ideal AI Solution

Pinpoint the exact AI tools you need with swiftness and precision

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